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Projects from the University Days

You can design a product with hundreds of different functions packed into one, but what good would it do if the average consumer can't figure out how to use it? We live in the golden age of working smarter, not harder and the UX discipline is striking while the iron is hot.

Taking UX courses at Arizona State University and a UX writing course at the esteemed Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, I've begun approaching every aspect of my life with a usability mindset: questioning everything and why things work the way they do.


Fictionalizing humanity

Personas are one of the most critical pieces of User Experience. Personas are developed to humanize the user aspect of a product and influence the design process. Reading, analyzing, and interpreting data extracted from user interviews, we were able to develop personas in the way the user may speak or otherwise convey their needs when it comes to immigrating to the Netherlands. We made an effort to demonstrate cultural awareness when developing these personas by adding in their relationships to the Netherlands and with traveling.

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User Experience: Projects
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