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But I do other things, too.

Working professionally as a writer, you learn very quickly that 90% of the job revolves around learning market requirements, peer reviews, sprint plannings, retrospectives, standups, bug triage, localization project management, technical editing, testing prototypes, while the remaining 10% has been actual writing.

Being the first and only writer previous organizations, I've also developed a taste for process development and improvement.

As an American living in Sweden, I've had the great fortune of working in multicultural environments, both internally and externally, with development teams and technical project managers in Durban, South Africa and Tallinn, Estonia.

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Shawna is a fantastic writer! [...] Shawna's ability to tell a story through a few paragraphs is unparalleled and she truly transports her readers into her writing. Her technical ability is incredible and requires minimal edits. I highly recommend Shawna for any of your writing needs!


I've worked with Shawna in building the Girls Who Travel digital community, which currently has close to 60,000 members. Shawna is one of the most popular writers on the GWT blog and her straightforward yet imaginative words have a way of drawing people in. Her writing communicates so much without feeling heavy or pretentious. We in the GWT steering team consider her a valuable asset because of her excellent writing as well as her levelheaded approach to community building and development.


Shawna provided feedback and recommend edits to my resume. Her feedback was very clear and focused on making my resume more concise. I have recently moved from the USA to Sweden and her feedback was very helpful. It matched feedback I have since received from recruiters / hiring managers. Additionally, Shawna is kind and great to work with. I recommend Shawna, especially for those applying for jobs in Sweden coming from another country. Shawna has made this transition and is good at articulating cultural differences. I believe Shawna's advice increased the number of responses I received when applying for jobs.

John W.

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