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Projects from the University Days

Everyone thinks differently. Everyone learns differently. In a world full of evolving technologies, technical communication bridges the gap between a product's users and its developers through language and visual communication. It also bridges the gap between teams in an organization through careful documentation, regardless of industry, for it is the technical communicator who carries the unique ability to craft information in a way that is digestible to any kind of audience.

Working as a technical communicator in a foreign country and studying technical communication, I've learned that simply being a native speaker of your language isn't enough to deliver information efficiently and quickly. Below are some of my favorite projects I've had the fortune of working on.


A quick-and-dirty edit of a New York Times article

This is an edit of an original New York Times article in which the content is reduced without losing the message. In addition, pull quotes were used for emphasis. The edit was designed to be more visually compelling and short enough so that readers, who often simply scan through texts, would choose to read the entire article.

Technical Editing: Projects
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