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Projects from the University Days

Before my studies at Arizona State University, I admit I was not a particularly visual person, but I have since grown to love expressing my thoughts through a medium that doesn't involve words. Words can create a pretty picture in your head, if you've got the right imagination for the given situation, but for some people, it's better to see what is being communicated.


Who can resist the call of adding frosting to your website?

A fake blog series written as a potential addition to a website with significant usability problems. The blog posts were relevant to the topic at hand and created with the user's interests in mind. I applied conventions and UX best practices, using testing results as the centerpiece for the design (people interested in food and humor). I employed standard American English as the lingua franca, written in a casual style to make readers feel more relaxed. All photos were purchased from Adobe Stock and have been given the proper attributions.​ In addition, I created a fake social media post to display what it would look like on Instagram.

Created using Microsoft Word with the finished product as a PDF, I really enjoy how it turned out.

Gold and White Cake on a Stand
Design: Projects
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